Wednesday, September 21, 2011


When we are thinking of decorating our rooms probably the first thing that comes to mind is painting. But the truth is that there are other techniques as or more interesting thanpainting . We may also use wallpaper! This beautiful way to decorate our room is just attractive and also allows us to bring our home decor to a new level.

With the new technology available to companies creating wallpaper, We can now get wallpaper to reason that simulate materials such as wood or other materials. It instantly becomes a possible solution for the decoration of certain environments such as kitchens or small bedrooms.
You recall that old time when wallpapers were fashionable. Remember floral motives and textures offered repeated drawings that now seem vintage. After a long pause and his disappearance from the lists of materials designers coming back with great force and ready to win back the hearts of all who love the decor in the home .
Something that characterizes them and makes them unique and amazing is the possibility of easy cleaning with soap and water. Of course there are several models that do not allow this, so we need to query this property before buying our wallpaper .